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coly1Posted - 10 March 2002 16:30  Show Profile
im 17 and have my GED under my belt... im currently looking into studyin for my SATs so i can get into UMES... hopefully... but i need some advice about the Sats... Anyone know where i can get some real good prep stuff for the SATs.... it would really help a lot ,thanx :)
yassershuaib Posted - 30 April 2002 16:23  Show Profile
i m 22 year old male & i dont know what is GED.can anybody help me
whoopster101 Posted - 2 May 2002 2:33  Show Profile
hey coly, im 16 {from india}n im writin my SATs on saturday- 4th may! i suggest u work on Barron''s - its really comprehensive and effective n get hold of 10 real SATs- if u work through both these books it will be great. i got hold of tests from other books - like kaplan n petersons n princeton review n worked em out as well; learnin vocab is painful- but doin a li''l is essential! good luck for ur SATs n pray for mine too ;-)

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