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saniaakramPosted - 27 January 2008 6:40  Show Profile
i just hate politics and every thing related to it .Therefore, i know so little about politics of my own country. please someone suggest some online stuff to increase my ged social study marks...................
vashthestampede17 Posted - 30 January 2008 2:35  Show Profile
You don't need to have ANY prior knowledge for the social studies part.
saniaakram Posted - 17 February 2008 2:16  Show Profile
so vash can you tell me how you prepare for social study or have you passed it? cos its getting too hard for me to prepare for it ......... pray for my success.....
dailleztcuban Posted - 17 February 2008 21:40  Show Profile
u dont need to know about social studies, u just have to read like a little passage and the answer will be there, if u can read n understand english then your good, good luck with the test, im taking it next month

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