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bringr32Posted - 6 January 2008 23:51  Show Profile
well you see i'm a behavior disorder student because of my adhd and intermiten explosive disorder well i havent had any major problems since like 6th grade im now a junior-senior because i dropped out whne my grandma died and my grandpa was homeschooling me but when he died i lost all paperwork so i was screwed outta a years worth of credits and when i transferred to my current school because i moved my credits got cut in half so im a year an dhalf behind and my mom said this summer if i want i can go and get my g.e.d or stay in school now the ged is very appealing because i dont wanna deal with the bullcrap from school its pretty said (i say this quite literally) when im pretty much teaching the computer class and when teachers have problems with anything electronic they ask me (and yes im serious as a heartattack) so i mean i think i have the brains to pass i did the example test and only scored a 48% but like alot of it was in english(i suk at) so i mean im not sure what to do you know and the school i go to we dont really learn alot of new stuff its suff i've learned alrdy and i told the teacher but she says her hands are tied kinda because the other kids in class arent as(advanced) and it would be unfair and even at the normal highschool i wont even learn some of that is the ged like alot and i mean alot more advanced then just going through highschool cuz it seems like it
huntermay Posted - 12 March 2008 19:15  Show Profile
know from what your saying you dont wanna go longer in school. if the sevice is appeinling to you they too take G.E.D's but!! this is were it gets frustrateing.... ged's from my standing only let you get technical collage's. so if you go for collage and lets say you wanna be a brain surge about $200k's a year. you need a high school deploma, and then the reqirements like this, need a anaroll, be a class officer, ect. but if you just whant school be done, look at what you want to do, wanna have a good paying job, stay in but wanna get risky on it get the ged, but it dose not say you cant make a living, bil gates mite be now a 2 ritches man but. to work in computers you only need a ged, same as the army. but my thought is for you to stay in school, all ways have back up's. for future plannings. hope for the best and you'll be in my prayer's.
AnotherSchmoe Posted - 5 June 2009 3:29  Show Profile
You can do just about anything with the GED. Just go to a 2 year or 4 year college and get an associate's or bachelor's degree first, then if you still want to move on to something else go for it. Should be fine, an associate's / bachelor's degree would supersede your GED, no one would even care at that point.

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