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bringr32Posted - 6 January 2008 23:43  Show Profile
well you see im never good with decideing on my own without some advice but here im stuck because my advice tells me to go like 4 diffrent ways my mom says i should do computer tech and program as i want her boyfriend says i should look into getting my cdl and do truck driving but that dosent seem appealing but my real problem is my grandpa who is like the 4th greatest person mom is 1st and my otehr grandpa and grandma is 2nd-3rd but they dead and i know they would say what i want but my grandpa says i should become and electrician and i've never even considered it it sounds interesting but im not sure i know ill need some eletric exp for computer tech and programming so maybe not a bad idea any suggestions?
raqia Posted - 31 August 2008 3:36  Show Profile
i am the same too. first i would think about what i want to be it could be more than one. then i would see witch one do i mostly enjoy. they all might be enjoyful but it has to be one (i think) it will take some time. then see witch one is the MOST enjoyful and will paying maybe you already have somthing by now.

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