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candigurlr06Posted - 31 December 2007 19:33  Show Profile
ok ive been studying for my asvab for about 3 weeks and am useing the book to but i feel like i got it down to a t. ok i wnet ona website to do to do the little pre test and i i stop when i see am not doing so good. i hate math and thats the only part am trying to pass for my asvab i need help like asap am taking my asvab in like 2 days???? HELP ME PLEASE
huntermay Posted - 12 March 2008 18:43  Show Profile
well if your still on here and didnt pass, it realy depends on your intrest in math, u hate it you get lower cofadence in it, know you should know you can take it again, like me i some how just lose my train of thought and it being a timed test, i all ways get those 2mins. left and i have like 12 left for each qestion...lol i took it 4 times allready wighting evry month for another chances. i really need to past to get the job i need. but for you. u need to relax, and think a differ way.
jess36115 Posted - 20 June 2008 14:31  Show Profile
so did u pass?<BR>

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