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inadazeoftruluvPosted - 18 December 2007 2:36  Show Profile
So I go to a local adult education center to work on my ged. There is 3 days or orientation(sp?).... Then there is classes.. I dont get it.. If you can take it if you think you are ready or if they think you are ready.. Well, anyways... I am scared on passing this... I dont do good jobs on passing BIG test... And Math is my weakest area.... Also I need to try to pass this by FEB for my husband and I are moving.. Does anyone know any good ways I can study for any subject? Or best ways for math? Or what all was on each persons math ged part? I just need the best of help I can get. If you can give me ideas or advice ill greatly appreciate it.. Well thank you!
And congrats to everyone who passed theres.. And Goodluck to everyone who is going to be takeing thiers soon!


vashthestampede17 Posted - 18 December 2007 18:11  Show Profile
you would be best off buying a GED prep book to help study for the test, It should cover the material sufficiently.
inadazeoftruluv Posted - 19 December 2007 11:57  Show Profile
could I buy the GED preperation book at a local book store?
vashthestampede17 Posted - 22 December 2007 19:44  Show Profile
Most likely, I know that B&N typically carries alot of GED prep books.

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