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JeyzPosted - 17 December 2007 18:26  Show Profile
Hi all, this is JEY from chennai, a 22 yr old software professional, i have been eyeing GMAT for quite a long time n certain that its gonna change my lifestyle once i crack it, something in me tells its possible, i m quite a math geek n english too, but everything is team work n sharing,. i have got quite a few resources which i can share to all and an ardent pursurer n hardworker, very creative too .. so lets join hands no matter where we are split in this world, we will work together, so inviting u all to join up n rock .. CRACK the GMAT... u can also mail me to knjeyanandan@gmail.com in this regard.. thanks.. urs JEY "There are just a few moments worth remembering in LIFE, but makes it complete"
itguru Posted - 27 December 2007 13:56  Show Profile
Hi, Can you share with me GMAT resources. Me plaaning to take the exam around Apr 2008 also. Thx.
Jeyz Posted - 27 December 2007 15:40  Show Profile
Sure dude, with pleasure .. give me more of ur details .. lets rock
varu20 Posted - 23 January 2008 14:47  Show Profile
Hi I am also plannign to take gmat with in next 2 months. Now I am trying to find materials for the exam. Even though there are lot of books out there Need to find something which guide you from beginning to end. If you guys come across any important study material please inform me. <BR>Thankz
awaal Posted - 29 January 2008 7:51  Show Profile
Hello,</P><P>Today I found out that I have to take a GMAT type test for my MBA for Pace University on the 4th February. I don't remember anything and have not seen any GMAT example since I graduated in 1984. Now I would realy appreciate your help in this regard with some resources. Please help. My email is: awaal_oastad@yahoo.com.</P><P>If I pass the test, I'll get the admission. This is the only hiccup for me now. Please help.</P><P>Awaal
MilaA Posted - 29 January 2008 20:11  Show Profile
Hi,<BR>I am planning to take a GMAT in February. Anyone has any information to share?<BR>Please help.<BR>Thank you
Jeyz Posted - 30 January 2008 11:30  Show Profile
Hi there Mila n other GMAT pursuers<BR>I have loads of info n mtrl to prep<BR>I started this thread to help u all out<BR>I m currently in a full fledged prep, n i m takin the exam by march ... for any help u can mail me up or gtalk at ... knjeyanandan@gmail.com...<BR>
jlouisj5 Posted - 8 March 2008 23:33  Show Profile
hey Jeyz</P><P>i'm taking the gmat on March 21 and I thought I would be ready studying on my own but I'm struggling on the math section.... I wonder if you can provide some good info on &quot;tricks to how to set equations for the quant.&quot; &amp; etc.</P><P>jlouisj5@yahoo.com thanks for all the help? and how did u do on your test?
CHEEMONDS Posted - 14 March 2008 0:26  Show Profile
CHEEMONDS Posted - 14 March 2008 0:27  Show Profile
keralapsc Posted - 20 March 2008 9:4  Show Profile
Hi ,you need MBA course materials?
laga34 Posted - 6 September 2008 11:16  Show Profile
hi all, I'm prep. in Ahmedabad n planning to tk exam in Nov'08...Crunch time!!<BR>Can u help in 3 regards, to start with:<BR>1. Is it reqd. to join some classes??<BR>2. When u guys hv tkn the exam n what did u score??<BR>3. What all study mat. n simGMATs u hv?

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