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rudeanduncouthPosted - 13 December 2007 2:18  Show Profile
I think it is question 67. It is wrong. The use of the order of operations isn't correct. XZ+XY/Z^2 X=6 Y=(-2) Z=3

(6*3) + (-12/9) that is the proper way to do that problem. You have to divide before you can add. The problem has you 18 + (-12) the divide by 9.

zachdorris Posted - 14 April 2008 7:11  Show Profile
I know it looked goofy but by looking at giving answers there should have been a parenthesis around the addition so it could be done before the division.
nycsharkman Posted - 15 April 2008 15:40  Show Profile
We have this:</P><P>(xz + xy)/z^2</P><P>We need to evaluate using PEMDAS.</P><P>Replace the letters with their value and simplify.</P><P>6(3) + 6(-2)/3^2</P><P>(18 - 12)/9</P><P>6/9 = 2/3</P><P>The answer is 2/3.</P><P>Got it?
rudeanduncouth Posted - 15 April 2008 16:13  Show Profile
The parenthesis weren't in the problem when I took the test. If they were there would be no problem.

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