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kavatarPosted - 30 November 2007 22:59  Show Profile
Hello I am trying to get 110% on the asvab I took it for the first time and got a 94.5% is that good if you take this online test?
I want to get higher any suggestions.
hit me up at beemerjockey@hotmail.com
ZenoParadox Posted - 21 January 2008 23:58  Show Profile
Hi,</P><P>When I took the exam in 2000, your composite score was measured against those that took it. Meaning your score represented what percentile of other test takers you did better than. I scored a 98, only 1% of test takers scored higher, so 99 was the highest score. I am not sure if the <BR>scoring system has changed.
RyGuy55 Posted - 17 February 2008 17:23  Show Profile
Hey..just have a question since u scored so high...can we trade brains for one day?lol jk..</P><P>So if u do well on general sciensce and other subjects, can u bomb the math n still score high enuff?
jordanarmy Posted - 24 February 2008 13:0  Show Profile
is this asvab exam practice is all thats going to be on the test besides some new ones

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