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lilhefe75Posted - 19 November 2007 23:19  Show Profile
i am 32 and want to get my ged.i have taken a few tests here and there and it always comes back that my math is the weakest.i have a real problem with the algebra stuff.where is the best training material to get. thanks
nonotjoey Posted - 5 December 2007 12:47  Show Profile
Go enroll into a ged course. Usualy it works around your schedual and u can find them at your local community collage. They are free except for a small aplication fee. no more then 10-20 dollars.
PrinceB2 Posted - 7 December 2007 15:25  Show Profile
</P><P>Here's a website that's called math.com. It will help you with your Algebra.<BR>

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