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nbtran1995Posted - 19 November 2007 8:51  Show Profile
I'm in 7th grade and I want to take SAT to go abroad.Who can advise me what I have to do to have high result when I'm very bad at reading.Help me.Thanks a lot
XCLASzOF2008X Posted - 4 December 2007 19:43  Show Profile
You are only in the 7th grade. But its great you want to prepare for the test. You can prepare for reading on different websites. </P><P>Collegeboard.com<BR>Prinstonreview.com</P><P>And many more. Just google it. Reading isn't my best subject either so I know how you feel. Im doing anything and everything to get a higher score. All I can say for now, since you are only in the 7th grade, is read books over the summer, Try expanding your vocabulary words. If you dont know what a word means...look it up and write it down. Read books and study study study!! Good Luck.
Dantreil Posted - 7 December 2007 17:5  Show Profile
How are we going to do this one day, Math and Reading?
rhcpfan1 Posted - 1 January 2008 18:25  Show Profile
I'm a seventh grader and I am taking the SAT for the Duke University program where they watch you from 7th grade to 12th. I would be very grateful if someone could givve me advice and help me a bit with math and reading. i'm smart but i dont know highschool math and english.
newmomcs Posted - 24 January 2008 21:7  Show Profile
www.testprepugames.com &#8211; original idea that was helpful with my kid&#8217;s studying. A++ - parents should take a look at it.

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