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nenyegoziriPosted - 29 October 2007 10:50  Show Profile

Hi guys, i need encouragent in the area of math. Am so scaed of the subject and my testing day is in 2 weeks. Please what should i expect and how many questions are there and how is it graded?
vashthestampede17 Posted - 30 October 2007 0:41  Show Profile
google is your friend(it takes like 2 seconds, seriously what in the bloody hell is wrong with you!!!) im just kidding but do yourself a favor and dont be so dependant on others. Take the extrodinary amount of time and find out what the test is like from a more reliable source than that of a unknown poster on a forum.
Crystal89 Posted - 6 November 2007 9:54  Show Profile
I cant seem to get m scores up and i am geing stressed out about it cuz i am court ordeed to get my GED should i take a class? help me please
hannah187 Posted - 6 November 2007 10:31  Show Profile
well math is my favorite so you will do well because it is very easy and if you had live near me i would teach it to you as i learn it

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