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johnap818Posted - 18 October 2007 23:40  Show Profile
my disability is what is killing me on this stupid thing. it just bad in math but the recruiters blow me off and say study. well that does not work for me. why cant they just look at our school records and physical and mental health?
how the heck are u suppossed to memorize all that algebra crap? im a hands on learner, i did pretty good with my tech center law enforcement class in high school, did good in high school but end up with a crappy score like 2 times with this test? i dont think half the crap on asvab is even used in the military.
i wish it would be more fair. i want to grow in the law enforcement field by getting in the military then move to FBI and CIA. but of course this military only wants IQ's of 160! and throw the rest to worthless factory jobs or party stores....
MPSS Posted - 26 October 2007 21:20  Show Profile
Dont give up, I had to take the ASVAB twice before getting the score I desired on joining the military.. It was a real pain expecially considering I had been out of school for 7 yrs when I joined. Kudos for wanting to go with Law Enforcement. Go for MP or CI (Counter Intelligence) Dont except anything else no matter what they say. I say this because they have positions to fill, they wont reject you in the long run. You dont want a job for the next cpl yrs that you will hate. MP will lead you to CID (Criminal Invest. Div.) if you so choice once you get your SPC rank. Either MOS will alow you to obtain a Top Secret clearance which can lead you to making around 80 grand a yr when you get out depending what agency you want to work for.. Good Luck!
johnap818 Posted - 26 October 2007 22:17  Show Profile
thanks bro

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