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YoungGuns07Posted - 17 October 2007 20:57  Show Profile
How old do you have to be to take the G.E.D test.
syphoni Posted - 8 November 2007 12:9  Show Profile
21 and yes i got to take what bout you
ChristiangirlJade Posted - 8 November 2007 12:47  Show Profile
No i think you only have to be 16
shannon1969 Posted - 8 November 2007 20:20  Show Profile
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PrinceB2 Posted - 7 December 2007 12:45  Show Profile
<BR>You must be at least 16 years old to take the test. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you will need a letter on a school stationery from your former school stating the date you officially withdrew. You must also have a NOTARIZED letter from your parent or guardian giving you permission to take the test.
inadazeoftruluv Posted - 18 December 2007 2:38  Show Profile
Prince is correct.. but if u are 18, yes you need ur schools superatendent(sp?) sign a paper tht u are withdrawn from the school. But you do NOT need a paper signed by a parent or guardian if you are 18. I am 18 now and went for my ged. and that is all I needed done.. It was a pain tho. But you should get a form called the GED AGE WAIVER form
Nightmarial Posted - 13 March 2008 14:43  Show Profile
Quick Question : What if your over 18? Do you still need the notarized paper?
rich90 Posted - 31 March 2008 19:44  Show Profile
I was 16 at the time that I was trying to get my Ged. I could get it but I had to have a paper notarized by my principal and a parent/gardian signature. I also had to have a discipline form.
Premaddona Posted - 15 May 2008 18:46  Show Profile
You have to be atleast 16 and if u are 16 you have to have a parent consent form signed and an approved age wavier by your last school or the courts.Lol 21 the person who said that study harder for the ged kus thinkin like dat u gone fell lol just kidding ha ha

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