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Graeme Posted - 9 October 2012 16:6  Show Profile
Im 16 Going to the Marines since my whole family has been involved with the military. I think each branch should respect each other. i think the marines are a great branch im taking the asvab on october 17th and im also taking weight and endurance training to ready up for boot camp. I plan on being a sniper or either infantry. the army takes it the safe way sort of cus the marines go in first which more marines die than army and the marines get most of the tangos. so basicly the army get the scraps. MARINES ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!<BR>
BlackWolf217 Posted - 30 December 2012 18:55  Show Profile
I'm not here to join in this conflict of, what branch is better. I'm here because i need a study partner. I want to join Marine Force Recon. I want to be apart of the Marines because I feel it is the path for me. I've thought and trained mentally and psychically. But i know there's no way in hell i can prepare for the USMC. But i just need that extra help to get to where i need to be. Need, not want.
Nearanath Posted - 1 January 2013 23:23  Show Profile
Awesome Forum Haha, Marines are the best.
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