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dgallo Posted - 23 January 2006 15:7  Show Profile
yeah pretty much
teresa4test Posted - 2 February 2006 8:45  Show Profile
I need help with the math section of the GED as well. I take my test this month for the first time and I am afraid of not passing the math part of the test. I suck deeply in math. What exactly is on the test the amth part of the test? Is there anyone here who can assist me in my math. Ask me what I dont understand and I am going to say everything. I have been trying to understand how you turn a fraction to a decimal and then that same decimal to a percent. It seems so hard to me becase we are working wtih numbers oin practically everything. I dont know how the angles work, which would be what part of math. As far as problem sloving I am very good at that I have no problem at all with that but everything else is like over my head. Please someone help me ASAP
JodiP Posted - 6 February 2006 14:30  Show Profile
dmr04 Posted - 15 February 2006 9:33  Show Profile
Is there anybody in the Chesterfield area preparing for the GED Test that could help me prepare with the math part of the test.. and the Essay part?
frankemery Posted - 10 March 2006 13:25  Show Profile
Math is by far my best subject as I am a self trained software designer. Math, I would say is more intemidating then it is hard. To understand math you must first learn not to be afraid of it and also be aware that math can be deceaving even to itself and what I mean by this is that math can lie and in some cases some solutions can not be resolved using anything above basic math. A good example of this is a math problem I learned long ago. I will list it here and explain it as well so you get the general idea of what I am trying to say. The question is.... "3 men go to a hotel, they each want a room but there is only 1 room left and the price is $30.00. The 3 men decide to share this room and split the cost. Each man pays $10.00 and they check into the room. After a few minutes the cashier realizes he over charged the men as the room was on sale for $25.00 this day. The cashier then gives the bell boy $5.00 to take back to the 3 men. The bell boy gives them each $1.00 and keeps $2.00 for himself as a tip. If they each recieved $1.00 back from the fee then they each only paid $9.00 for the room. 9 multiplied by 3 men equals $27.00. Plus the $2.00 the bell boy kept for a tip make for a total of $29.00. Where did the other dollar go?" This is a perfect example of how math lies. In this question theproblem is that when we use multiplication for this paticular problem we can not come up with an accurate answer to solution. So we have to revert back to normal basic math with is as we all know it "addition and subtraction" this is the only form of math that never fails or lies. So my message to you is this.... Do not be intimidated by math just remember one simple rule.. when all else fails revert back to the basics. as a additional note if anyone needs help with math please fell free to ask me. I would be glad to help..... Good Luck and GOD Bless.
ksdfhqwf Posted - 15 September 2010 0:12  Show Profile
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