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DarkL0tus Posted - 5 May 2005 5:6  Show Profile
But if anybody needs help still with anykinda test just send me an e-mail my way :/ xxdarklotusxx@swbell.net id be glad to help ive tookin the ged test 3 times before i pasted it now i know how to study n so forth n any other test ive study for :D
lildevil862007 Posted - 26 September 2005 14:21  Show Profile
is there anyone that can help me on passing my GED thanks alot.<BR>kayla
lillarrie88 Posted - 1 December 2005 9:22  Show Profile
for corhonda u need a 410 to pass that subject so u want have to take it again but in ur overall score u need a 2250 but u need a 450 or higher for each subject
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