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aznangelgurlt Posted - 6 July 2009 3:4  Show Profile
What score or how many percent out of 100 do u need in order to pass the GED test??
candieycotton Posted - 3 August 2009 13:48  Show Profile
i am really nervous to take this text i really dont want to fail it but we will see wat happens
arielle3689 Posted - 10 August 2009 12:49  Show Profile
thanks for the tips! im taking my test in october ! last time i took the test i failed it by 30 points i was soo pisssed! im trying to study extra hard this time im not all that smart up there
andy2009 Posted - 11 August 2009 12:22  Show Profile
Hi,</P><P>My wife finished her education from foreign country, but she wants to continuous here in USA. I have two questions to ask.<BR>1) Can she has her foreign high school transcript translation to equalivalent to USA GED? If she can, may you refer to what steps she needs to accomplish this matter. She is from Vietnam.</P><P>2) Does she needs to get a GED equivalence in USA?</P><P>What website online and free supplement that she can prepare GED in USA? She is nervious what the test will be like. </P><P>The history section on the GED... Do you just read the essay passage, then answer the questions? Is the answer came from the essay passage?<BR>
youngMommyNprouD Posted - 5 April 2010 13:19  Show Profile
Well honestly to each is own......i mean ive been outa school for like 5 years now and took my ged test for the first time recently and passed all but social studies!!!! social studies is hard to me
brittanyrumph Posted - 19 May 2010 8:7  Show Profile
ooohhh eeemmmm Ggsshhh!!! i passed readin with a 620 yaaysz to mii and writting with a 430 whoop whoopsz and soical studieesz with a 550 ooo yea yea bhut i took the sicence yesterday i suck at dat bhut hopefull i passed it and iam just studyin for math now
alt69 Posted - 9 September 2010 16:31  Show Profile
i have been trying hard to study for the test i have taken the pre ged test &amp; got a low score i have alot of trouble with math the must
Yueshas Posted - 19 September 2010 21:51  Show Profile
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