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GEDheathercurfman Posted - 11 November 2003 10:1  Show Profile
HI my name is heather and i was wont to know if could send me information on ged work or maby some outher web sites <BR> Thanks<BR> Heather
Trinasexy2 Posted - 30 September 2005 13:6  Show Profile
I stop going to high school when i was a freshman. Now i am a 26 years old with a dead end job. I am having trouble in the math department. Although it has never been my favorite subject. If anyone is out there having the same problem. Lets get together and work at it. So if there are anybody out there who are sreouis about getting though with the GED let&quot;s talk. latrina252003@yahoo.com
1Heaven111305 Posted - 30 September 2005 13:45  Show Profile
My name is theresa I take the GED test tomorrow and the only problem is that I'm a nervous about the math and science part. Does anyone have any tips? I also dropped out in 10th grade because school is always full of drama.i got lazy n didnt want to deal with it. I wanted to go back but I cant because I got pregnant. the thing is my mom helped me get a good job so I have to work to save money.The only thing is the bosses really want me to atleast get my ged.Im due in 6 wks. i really want this before I have my baby.God has blessed me in everyway n i ask him to give wisom and to guide me n do well tomorrow.
blazed420girl Posted - 7 May 2006 1:38  Show Profile
Just take your time homie, you can do it
ksdfhqwf Posted - 15 September 2010 0:13  Show Profile
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Alyses1234567 Posted - 17 September 2010 14:34  Show Profile
I only have two more weeks before my ged tests on language arts reading and social studies. What is the best way for me to prepare for this so that I am more likely to pass it. this is my third time taking the tests.so far I have only passed two subjects.
learn2know2 Posted - 26 March 2011 11:23  Show Profile
The very best GED Information Center is http://www.gedinformationcenter.com/ -- Also see -- http://www.gedvideo.com/ -- Good luck with your GED goals.
cyntsmyle Posted - 1 April 2011 0:54  Show Profile
Will someone pls.come help save me I'm searching for help with math in all areas it's been twenty-four years since I actually studied. Thank God, I was blessed and passed all the others. Pls help I'm due for testing 4/21/2011
breadofknowledge Posted - 12 April 2011 19:6  Show Profile
I read your post and am deeply concerned - as of being a mother and <BR>being pregnate I should hope that you have not conceived the child in labor yet <BR>if this is the case you must act now and quickly. and being impaired to read <BR>I would ask you to be more detailed and explain your disabillity so I may further help you all of the replies to your question are very good there are ways to survive as a mother this is a main focus factor if you do not have family <BR>Que: have you considered HUD and medicare ? Also with reading I am an out going type of guy I hate I HATE READING hahaha so I have to force my self to read ... so I play music from YouTube and first I focus on calming my self and taking a few deep breathes I eat an 30 minutes prior to my studies <BR>and each time I do this it helps me focus and become more fine tuned to what I am studing remember when you take the test do not for get to breathe it is a common trait to a person with learning issues to breathe extreamly slow and become ....well a bit disfocused </P><P>so back to the main thing </P><P>TIP: music and read often read and find something you enjoy to read.</P><P>This may sound wicked lame and retarded but if you read things that have nothing to do with the GED <BR>and you enjoy what you have read you <BR>will begin to read faster and remember things. </P><P>TESTING TIP: Try this one <BR>look for FREE PRACTICE READING TESTS<BR>on google do as many tests as you can<BR>testing is not has hard as it looks the more you study and devote your time <BR>training your mind to remember questions and using critical thinking </P><P>THE BETTER YOUR SCORES </P><P>thank you for reading my lame answer<BR>my name is chris and my email is <BR>jesuschosetoloveyou@yahoo.com and it is also my yahoo messanger any one that needs help I need the help as well <BR>I will not take a test unless i know that I <BR>will get 100% so it is better on my records...
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