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AngelDust69 Posted - 23 December 2008 18:34  Show Profile
my instructor said it would take about that long too. I had to WAIT forever to get my results in!! But the wait was worth it because i passed! :D</P><P>Hey CHAD1 im very proud of you! Now what are you going to now that you passed? I am working now, as a hospital attendent.
tonyalindquist Posted - 5 January 2009 13:55  Show Profile
goss i feel stupid i'm 35 and these test are making feel really dumb but i need to do this for myself and my 16 yr son
nygraphx Posted - 9 January 2009 13:2  Show Profile
I'm taking my GED tonight &amp; tomorrow! I dropped out of school 9 years ago and I was shocked when I got a 2720 on my practice test. Hope I can do as well on my real one. Any suggestions?
brittanyknoll Posted - 16 January 2009 8:53  Show Profile
how long does it take to get your results?
Seli10 Posted - 17 January 2009 1:2  Show Profile
I took the ged and failed the math part I dont understand algebra I also have problems with the whole graph thing does anyone know a website or what I can do? I am re-taking the test in two weeks.
kris13tina Posted - 20 January 2009 8:4  Show Profile
i think i am scheduling my ged exam for march 2-3. im nervous but after being on here i feel better. math is my worse subject.
Asvajafj Posted - 20 September 2010 22:18  Show Profile
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t8s15j00 Posted - 8 September 2011 1:23  Show Profile
Hey Angel ,I could use your help um really close to getting the GED ,total score is 2100 <BR>the subject that i'm having a problem with is <BR>Science .Basically it's reading comprehension and my vocabulary words <BR>can you please help if not do you know some1 who can .Thanks Tim
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