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pussyxmonsta08 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:10  Show Profile
cause yo man thats fucked up yo u tellin bitches i done that shit yo word up man i still love u
wetwet Posted - 2 June 2008 11:12  Show Profile
i aint tellin people you did that shit im telling i have a clue of who might did it and no not you
pussyxmonsta08 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:12  Show Profile
so what the fuck you sayin cedez you on a nigga dick hard so stop playin your damn self but baby''esha'' i miss u
pussyxmonsta08 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:13  Show Profile
she at court
eastdog Posted - 2 June 2008 11:13  Show Profile
shut up bitch get ova it I did it in wat in i aint even there
wetwet Posted - 2 June 2008 11:15  Show Profile
so you know who did it all im saying is that its wrong but its all good i forgive all yall
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:15  Show Profile
who eva yall lil bitches iz yall nasty
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:17  Show Profile
man where the 704 bitches at i am NORTH CHARLOTTE BOUND
BabyGangsta09 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:19  Show Profile
IGetMoney Posted - 2 June 2008 11:19  Show Profile
if i told u who did it what u gonna do about it 3edez
pussyxmonsta08 Posted - 2 June 2008 11:21  Show Profile
wetwet Posted - 2 June 2008 11:54  Show Profile
im gone take it to trail
hendsfgk Posted - 25 September 2010 3:50  Show Profile
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