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USARMY99 Posted - 2 April 2008 18:56  Show Profile
can you help me i suck at the asvab.
lauralee002 Posted - 5 April 2008 15:32  Show Profile
Hello my name is laura i am trying to pass the asvab pretest so i can join the military so i can get better pay so i can finish up my nursing school call me 5127361863
bejeranoismael Posted - 23 May 2008 17:56  Show Profile
hey im takeing the asvab the 3ed time on 5/27/08 so i realy want to pass this time before i have 6 months if i fail but i wanted to know if you can help me anyone. my number is 786-970-0851 dont call to late im availbale between 4:30 pm-8:30pm and please dont waist my time and by the way my name is ismael so if my mom picks up just ask for me and why your calling....thank you and appreciate for the help.
estrellalunar Posted - 30 June 2008 0:1  Show Profile
Hi, i'm trying to pass the test with a 50-60% the 1st time I took the practice I got a 47 but all these tests here are alike I need help on the the basic autotec. stuff & I was wondering if u knew where I can take diff. practice tests & what kind of a score can put aside my age 2 be really taken seriously?
shar2008 Posted - 3 July 2008 0:3  Show Profile
i have a friend who failed the asvab with a 10, he is wondering if it is possible to pass the asvab after that...get back to me
marasco1969 Posted - 5 July 2008 19:56  Show Profile
Mosset,<BR>I already took the ASVAB. Unfortunately, I scored 29. Can you please guide me on this?<BR>Thanks<BR>
damogg Posted - 9 July 2008 20:26  Show Profile
Out of curiousity I took the practice ASVAB for fun but don't know what passing is. I got a 71.7%. Is that passing?
nayib17bruney Posted - 11 July 2008 23:45  Show Profile
i jus took the exam here and i got a 54 i wanna kno if the real test is simillar to the real test itself
SMcCroskey Posted - 14 October 2008 19:13  Show Profile
I scored a 62.16% On the Practice ASVAB Test is that good or bad?? Please let me know I need to know if I should Practice more for my test its this Wednesday October 15th (Tomorrow). Thanks!
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