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pgkoolaid Posted - 13 July 2009 3:20  Show Profile
If you need help in math, then I can help you pass the Asvab math portion. I am a Math Teacher with BA in math. I am located in the downtown Denver Area. For references, proof, and more info e-mail me at pgkoolaid@yahoo.com
marck2011 Posted - 8 January 2011 10:31  Show Profile
hi guys.. i need help!!!!! A crate containing a tool weights 12 pounds if the tool weighs 9 pounds, 9 ounces, how much does the crate weigh??????
Cristinaaa Posted - 2 February 2011 12:39  Show Profile
any one how read this can contact me at my e- mail figueriacristina@live.com and tell me how hard is the asvab test how many parts how much time to finish each part i have taken the practice test 2 time have gotten the same score 21%. please can some one contact me and tell me how and what can i study to get a better score... :) :]
StephCarynn Posted - 25 April 2012 22:42  Show Profile
I need help with the math arithmetic. Help, tips, websites anythin will be very helpful. Thanks.
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