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Robb99 Posted - 8 January 2013 20:57  Show Profile
Hi my name is arrick I was really trying to see has the class started yet because I really need help I have a recruiter and I passed my practice test but barely and really need help for the real test!! Can you please help
Kynuada Posted - 14 January 2013 18:10  Show Profile
Hey are the classes full I need help passing the asvab too. I took the practice made an 35 unfortunately not good enough. I suck at math and that was my biggest downfall. im trying to get into the airforce. by the way. I need help!!!!!! Can someone help me????<BR>
Anthonysteen Posted - 22 January 2013 20:30  Show Profile
I've been trying to pass the asvab and can't pass the test I got a 30 on it and must have a 50 because I didn't graduate from a regular high school. I live near modesto California and I'm trying to enlist in the army. Anyone know of a class for the asvab or people that are willing to study with me. Please help.
armyonone Posted - 27 January 2013 10:2  Show Profile
got to asvabtest101.com and i promise you will score at least a 50
luis.ramos.1276487 Posted - 9 February 2013 17:23  Show Profile
i nedd help to pass the asvab examen can anyone help me
laerteromero2 Posted - 21 June 2013 20:37  Show Profile
I want to do the class, but i don't know how and wherer to going, I am from orlando florida, I need to pass the test is someone can help me....laertemartins2011@hotmail.com
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