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kaygee Posted - 20 January 2012 16:7  Show Profile
hey anybody with helpful up to date tips on how to study this thing email me please at suedapimp@yahoo.com thanks any helpful tips
Linda10 Posted - 8 February 2012 14:46  Show Profile
hello,<BR>im very new at this.. and i took my asvab for the air force and score very low!!!! i need help with study tips .. to at least score high or a 50 i just want to get in so bad.. please help me with tips!!!!
Linda10 Posted - 8 February 2012 14:47  Show Profile
my email is Lindamk10@gmail.com<BR>please help me!!!
edwintorres Posted - 5 November 2014 22:24  Show Profile
I wanted to join the army and become a mp or do 11bravo I scored a 26 , and I was very discouraged about my score I was studying for hours a day with the asvab for dummies , to find out the math was wrong but I cant entirely blame it on the book can someone please help me out I really want this as a long time career im only 19
qchris101 Posted - 2 December 2014 14:19  Show Profile
hey i was looking to join the army as an mp so i could better myself, i was forced to drop out sophmore year and am having trouble with math. any help will do and i would really appreciate it!<BR>thank you -chris<BR>qchris101@gmail.com
ASVABHelper Posted - 13 January 2015 12:40  Show Profile
I know this is an old post but if anyone is currently looking for help passing the ASVAB check out the website asvabsuccess.com. Great program, low cost and guaranteed!
ASVABHelper Posted - 13 January 2015 12:41  Show Profile
I know this is an old post but if anyone is currently looking for help passing the ASVAB check out the website asvabsuccess.com. Great program, low cost and guaranteed!
Gabe_dog_12 Posted - 25 January 2015 17:32  Show Profile
i need help to get a 31 or better on my asvab test coming up and im willing to put in the hard work and dedication in to pass i really want to be in field artillery and i want to get at least a 35 maybe 40 i dont know just something over 31 would be great.
longliveloso Posted - 30 January 2015 2:0  Show Profile
I need help bad anying takers my email Ladarien39@gmail.com
jamela.morrison Posted - 30 January 2015 10:12  Show Profile
Hey my name is Jamela I've taken the asvab twice an I made a 13 the first time an the 2nd time a 22 Im so confused an stressed I wanna make a 36 or better can someone help please!
RBG_LA Posted - 10 February 2015 12:25  Show Profile
Hey my name Antonio.I also need help.I have taken the Asvab pratice test twice.1st time making a 12 to improving to a 27.I need a 31 to get into the national guard.I really need help on the Arithmetic Reasoning part.Do anyone have any suggestions?
lashonda15 Posted - 27 February 2015 12:54  Show Profile
ia, also looking to pass the asvab as well, i took text last year scored a 31 but that was for army not sure if it makes a difference or not but i went to recrutier for navy a few days ago scored a 28.. i really am determined to get into the navy if anyone has any extra tips that can help me i would apperciate it they say i need more so help on the AR and MK
BeautifulLexii Posted - 29 December 2015 1:57  Show Profile
I really need help on the asvab, ive only took the practice test nd did bad on that so i know im not ready for the big test! Someone please help me, joining the NAVY has always been my dream and im slowly starting to give up on it. i don't want to like down from 10 years from now and think want would have happened if i just had pushed myself harder and joined!! Please Help Me&#128588;
marvaniles Posted - 29 December 2015 15:3  Show Profile
The free online lessons are starting this evening. The lessons will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8-9pm EST. Hit me up on Twitter @ASVABStudyZone and just click the link to sign up at anytime. The cl*** ends on February 25th. Good Luck everyone!
Teekymarine25 Posted - 27 February 2017 14:37  Show Profile
Need help with asvab is there anyone that can help me please. I live in atlanta thanks.
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