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aiir2010 Posted - 11 February 2010 19:48  Show Profile
haha you tell em girl..! ima female too but i aint no punk nd i dont fear ANYONE but GOD...soo fuck it..i prolly go harder then a lot of yall dudes..
MontalvoM2 Posted - 16 February 2010 11:38  Show Profile
thanks helll yeah im not scared of no one
ACOOK2360 Posted - 24 February 2010 11:57  Show Profile
Here's my rebutall,yeah your right about about we are serving one purpose but you don't understand the passion aspect thats why your propably not joning the marines. Does that make sense.And all the Marines can spell on here it's just you. The few the proud the Marines. OORAH.
MontalvoM2 Posted - 25 February 2010 10:37  Show Profile
No you guys don't ok and besides one isnt better then the other we are all the same and there may be some punk or little bitches but im not one of them im an independent person and im not scared to kill someone or go out to war i love everything about the army im not changing and im not a trader so show respect i respect all branches
raab Posted - 1 March 2010 14:18  Show Profile
well talk shit about the army an name one war that the marines went in first an its rangers all the way fuck the marines part of the navy all the marines do is gard shit ok talk shit thats y me an my old marines friends left the core arny rangers is the way to go
MontalvoM2 Posted - 2 March 2010 11:50  Show Profile
no one is talking shit its just being str8 out we all have one mission!!! so fuck off!!!
raab Posted - 2 March 2010 13:25  Show Profile
ok so if you want to be a man go to the marines so u fuck off dick an the army ant weak you know the marines needed the armys help in ww2. im goin to tell you this the one hard thin about marines boot camp was the water training other then that it was fun but army rangers is the way to go its a lot harder but its a lot of fun to. well fuck it all the military is the same in some way we all fight for the same thin but good luck to u all to where ever you go its a lot of fun.
robtheklob518 Posted - 2 March 2010 13:38  Show Profile
i dont know what part i want to go to the army or the marines i got friends in both an i dont know with one to go to what is butter army or marines????
robtheklob518 Posted - 2 March 2010 13:50  Show Profile
i dont know what part i want to go to the army or the marines i got friends in both an i dont know what one i want to go to what is better army or marines????
MontalvoM2 Posted - 3 March 2010 11:31  Show Profile
honestly i've seen the army and the marines work out over here in bakersfield we go to the east side military base and we work out kind together in a way i love the army personally but i've seen the marines work out it isnt that good i believe in disapline you work out until you cant get up and i believe we are all the same and together we could work our way up. no one is better thenthe other i just made a choice by seeing what they can do and ive become very strong thanks to the army it's up to you what branch you want to join dont disrespect the other branches because we do get mad who wouldnt forreals. People are out there actually in war losing there lifes for us we should at least show them some respect!! everyone has there own opinion you know who doesnt some say the marines are better blah blah blah i think the army is the best choice atleast respect it
robtheklob518 Posted - 4 March 2010 8:6  Show Profile
i do respect them it just i want to be part of the best i got family in all parts of the military an friends i dont know what to do cause my friends want me to go where they are
MontalvoM2 Posted - 4 March 2010 10:40  Show Profile
I honestly recommend the army you can always change branches if you don't like the army but you will like it i do And give it a try theres people in the army that got out of the marines and went to the army it works out trust me
robtheklob518 Posted - 5 March 2010 12:34  Show Profile
i think thats what im goin for cause my good friend just got eod i want to go but i got to work on the asvab the first time i took it i was close to passin it an the 2nd i fucked up cause i 2nd guess my self an i got a low score
MontalvoM2 Posted - 8 March 2010 11:7  Show Profile
well honestly my score went up i need it higher i want to get into the army so bad and i just get nerous its going to be my third chance and i want to pass the time kills me
robtheklob518 Posted - 8 March 2010 11:25  Show Profile
same here it will be my 3ed time to i 2nd guess my self when i take the asvab im good at every thin it just i cant take test im not a test person
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