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Babe21Posted - 22 January 2003 13:10  Show Profile
adopted4ever Posted - 10 March 2003 20:40  Show Profile
Hey...this most likely isnt the answer you were looking for but sometimes the answer isnt what we expect. 1st of all if He isnt already put God in the center of your life, 2nd hand this over to Him and ask Him to help you along, He is faithful and He loves you! Jesus Christ has a burning compassion for you and your little baby, He wants to be a part of you life and has awesome plans for you if you will just allow Him to take over, He is THE ANSWER! He wants and desires a relationship with YOU! He also wants to give u a future and a hope! Jesus is the answer. Remember that. Seek 1st the kingdom of God and everything else will fall into place. Im a high school drop out and Jesus has gotton me through everything, im now working on getting my GED, im studying and trying my best to get the information though its really hard, God holding me through it and showing me its going to be ok. He has became my reason for rolling out of bed. Im going to get my GEd no matter how long it takes and im going to have an awesome Daddy, Savior, Friend, Lord, and King to celebrate with when all is said and done, Jesus. <BR>April ~ 16 ~ from Texas<BR>if ur interested in THE ANSWER but just not sure about it, u can email me @ aprillea@hotmail.com feel free.....Jesus is only a prayer away....<BR>&quot;Jesus, i am a sinner and im lost without you, I believe you died and rose again for me. i need a touch from you Jesus, come into my heart, forgive me of my sins, be Lord and Savior of my life, thank you Jesus for saving me, Amen.&quot;</P><P>If you prayed that prayer and just asked Jesus Christ into your heart, welcome to the family, i wont sugar coat this, things wont be perfect or always easy but Jesus will be by ur side through it all. Get into you bible and pray daily, prayer isnt a hard thing, its simply talking to God. reading ur bible will play an important role in your relationship with the Lord, also find a strong Christian to talk to and get involved in a solid on fire for God church, keep seeking one out untill you find a good one where you know you are loved and cared for and where you have people standing by you, may be hard to find but worth it! </P><P>Because Of Jesus,<BR>April
Shaquae1 Posted - 30 March 2003 21:32  Show Profile
I''v been having trouble logging in.The bad part is I really need the studing.Please if anyone out there can help me please,I mean please help me I''ll be truly grateful.PLEASE!!!!!
jessicanewsom Posted - 10 April 2003 20:30  Show Profile
Hi my name is Jessica and I know what you''re going through. I''m in your shoes too. I dropped out of school my 10th grade because I moved in with my boyfriend and at that time I did not care about anything,but myself. Now I am 19 and I have a baby girl she was born 12-02-02. I tried my GED in 2000,but I missed it by 3 points. I have been trying to take this new test for a year and a half now. Hey e-mail me @ jessica_newsom@yahoo.com and we can talk and I will be more than happy to help you on one condition if you can help me on some things. I need help with social studies some too. One thing you don''t want to do is to think that you are not smart because everyone is smart if they put their mind to it otherwise if you don''t try than you won''t get far in life. Keep your head up high and say to yourself I can pass this easy test, that may sound stupid or silly,but it really works. E-amil me when ever and I can e-mail you back just give ma an e-mail address for you! GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!!
shindaallure Posted - 12 May 2003 6:13  Show Profile
Hey, Jessica and Babe, I just wanted to say thank you. I''ve been trying for 3 years to sit myself down and take the ged test. I dropped out in my jr year, but had &quot;attendence&quot; problems since fresh. I keep taking these tests and it so incredibly frustrating to not know this stupid stuff. And it is nice to know that I''m not the only one. I can help with math. Maybe some other things, I''m not completely sure. ShindaAllure@hotmail.com
Jesusfreak19 Posted - 23 May 2003 20:18  Show Profile
Yeah Hi. my name is Bridgette. right now I am taking classes to prepare me for the GED test. I went through 12 years of school, but because I couldn''t pass a high school test I didn''t get to graduate with a standard diploma. So I had an ESE diploma. I have a learning disability called not being able to comprehend what I read. So that is why I got that diploma. But No college will except my special diploma so I have to get my GED. And now I am having trouble with the reading part of the GED. And I know that when I get to the History part I will have trouble with it to. I don''t comprehend that well. I am on M Level with Reading, with math I am on D Level, and with Language I am on D level. So can anyone give some advice on how to better improve my reading comprehension? Please do so. I am in Desperate need. I have Jesus in my life and I pray to him everyday to help me through it.
highwayman0077 Posted - 5 June 2003 20:11  Show Profile
This for all who need help with the GED and the one thing you must do to help yourself is to &quot;read&quot; anything you can get your hands on. This is the only thing can do to help yourself be better. Good luck all ! and may God be with you, He loves you wether you know this or not. Robert
AngeLcLai12e Posted - 2 August 2003 4:51  Show Profile
There are some things in life that we thought we can`t do. Because most people think that they &quot;can`t make it.&quot; The &quot;QUESTION IS WHY CAN`T YAH MAKE IT?&quot; That is wut yah people must find out. No matter how hard things are, like exams or trials in life, we can make it through. It`s just how yah PREPARE yah self for it. How yah have studied... Or how yah think and accept things. It`s just a matter of determination... Just study hard! GOD BLESS!
Leahkat220 Posted - 25 August 2003 12:55  Show Profile
I am preparing to take the GED test, too. It is SO much harder than I thought it would be. I just took the practice test and only got a 75%. I was sure i would get at least 90%. I am so discouraged now. I thought i could easily take the test and get into any college i wanted. It makes me so mad when people (my friends and family) think of the GED test as the easy way out, something for stupid people. They even laugh about it. This is a difficult test and for me, i think only classes will help. For the rest of you taking the test, have you looked into the classes? It is nearly impossible to help yourself as much as classroom instruction can.
michelle17 Posted - 18 September 2003 22:30  Show Profile
Im looking for someone that can give me some pointers on how to study the GED and get through it without rushing and going crazy.<BR>I would like it best if there was someone out there that can help me with the Language Arts part. Both writing and reading.<BR>I lived in Mexico and havent been able to learn all this. Now that im so far behind school, I just want to get this done, so that way I can go on with my life.</P><P>Please, someone answer me back so that way I can get through this the right way.</P><P><BR>Thanks-</P><P>Michelle
jenfly Posted - 3 October 2003 14:21  Show Profile
hey i took the ged test and i passed the math, science, and reading but i didnt pass writing and social studies can any one help me. my email address is jenfly1985@aol.com
kkiwi160 Posted - 3 October 2003 17:55  Show Profile
The first thing you need to do is stop and breath! You are capable of taking this test, but it will take a lot of work! When you are reading, take your pencil and follow the words by underlining the passage. This helps your eyes focus on what is being read and not the the passage as a whole. If you find yourself getting frustrated and can''t concentrate, put the pencil down and take a deep breath and think about how much your child means to you and that no matter what you will always have that love. It will calm you and help you to not focus so much on the passing the test but more on the moment of the question. Don''t be afraid to stop and do this as much as you can, because not finishing but getting the answers right that you did fill in will help you more than rushing through frustrated and angry! Good luck with everything, and I know you can do it because you have already gone through so much that a test will be a piece of cake!
poohslady74146 Posted - 14 October 2003 21:58  Show Profile
i need help finding somwere to go to get help studying for my ged that is tomorrow<BR>
mandabear Posted - 17 October 2003 12:36  Show Profile
Hi all! I know where a lot of you are comming from. I dropped out of high school when I turned 16, now I''m 23, married, and have a son. I still haven''t gotten the GED yet. I''ve been studying for sometime now, like a couple of you, I also have trouble comprehending things when I read(especially math problems). Math is my sore spot as well as writting an essay, cause I cannot understand a lot. But what I have found out to help out is to either read out loud problems ie: math and english to your kids or animals. I know it sounds corny..lol, but it works. Either that or if ya like rap or have music with no words and is up beat solving math problems makes it easier. I''ve been online, and there are some PBS t.v stations that have the GED practice class on t.v. Maybe expensive to do, I dunno, but if our PBS station had that up here, I would for sure do that as well as 4tests. It''s hard to study for this exam, as many of you know, but I raise my hand and I do slack some days when I''m frustrated. I want to have my GED b4 my son reaches Kindergarden. Just hafta keep up and go with the flow. There are days I feel like I''m no good as I compare myself to my husband;but that''s when I realize I can do it.<BR> So good luck to you all with the GED. I hoping to get it by April 2004.<BR> P.s. If you still know kids in high school, maybe they can help you find out when the kids do tutoring after school. Once again good luck. email me @ mandabear@4tests.com(i think..lol!!) or 4testsmail.com one of those two...lol GL!! an TC!
WMary18 Posted - 24 October 2003 18:57  Show Profile
WOW!!! *teary eyed* ya''ll are some awesome people, I can tell ya that...I just notice the sincerity in all of you. Yes, Jesus is awesome!!! I haven''t encountered any foul language or anything...this is awesome...I just want to encourage all of you to keep up your hard work. I''m homeschooled and I''ve finished 3 years of highschool in a year and half and I will be able to graduate this spring...YAY!!!..I''ve worked so hard for this, and I know how it feels to feel like the entire world is against you when you''re in school (or taking the GED test) I have the SAT next week ...I want to tell ya''ll that perserverance is the key...when u feel down, pick yourself back up! I''ve been down for a long time...I''m taking pre-cal, geometry and algebra 2 all this year...it''s tough at times, but I have to stay focused...I''m making good grades and my GPA is in the 3''s...I''m proud of myself...u all should be proud too...Keep it up...and God Bless:) and for social studies stuff...Get the date of the event in your head, then think of somethign funny to go along with that date, and you''ll remember it...or even something important to u...it works for me with SAT vocab;)
daisytrip Posted - 5 November 2003 5:26  Show Profile
I''m so glad I found this board. I''m 24 &amp; I dropped out in 10th grade. I have no children &amp; live on my own. I just started to study recently. Its just soo frustrating when most of my friends are in college or at least have a diploma. I feel so dumb around everyone. I know that I have ALOT to learn &amp; reading some of these posts have started to give me the self confidence to do it! I would love to hear from any of you as far as studying goes or some kind of support group when 1 of us is feeling discouraged. I''m not to shabby in social studies. My main thorn is math!! I feel stupid trying to learn my multiplication table at 24! But hey, if I just believe in myself I can do it right? Feel free to send me an email at loudogn79@yahoo.com Look forward to hearing from you!
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